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Making Police Check posts Effective

By Nasruminallah Mian The efficacy of Police check posts, aka “nakaas” in Islamabad has oft been questioned. Do we remember, if they have foiled a terror attempt or for example, intercepted a vehicle carrying explosive items.  They continue to be seen as an inconvenience by ordinary citizens. There is a feeling that they serve little of the purpose for which they exist. There have been allegations of corruption and the
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Islamabad police using Drone Technology to Monitor Religious Processions

The Islamabad Police used a drone for aerial surveillance and monitoring of the recent Chehlum procession in G-6/2 Islamabad. The Footage from the drone high-definition cameras supports the police to ensure peace and spot anything abnormal well in time.  Islamabad already has more than 1900 hundred close circuit high definition cameras installed at various locations. These drones boost police capacity and besides monitoring of rallies can also be used for